Our unique approach to client investment requirements is based on two ideals: preservation of capital and the pursuit of long-term growth. We achieve this by maintaining strict financial management principles whilst listening to the needs of clients, then combining these ideals to suit varied, multiple platform investment platforms and pathways. GB Stone strives to understand each client’s financial goals and risk-reward ideals and tolerances.

Through mutual understanding and professional trust, a client’s core direction mixes well with our innate investment philosophy.

Our recommendations are explained and presented clearly and precisely with a style of open communication.


GB Stone has a broad range of products to offer clients and quickly understands your financial goals and investment objectives keeping in balance your preferred limitations of risk. Our commitment is to understand your wealth creation time frame so we guide clients with realistic options and variables to financial outcomes. Rather than present limited financial strategies, we enhance portfolio returns through investment diversification which can protect clients from market volatility and prevent loss of capital. Choosing different investment styles within various asset classes and sizes and spreading these decisions across multiple geographic markets, we utilize an array of quality investment products, including institutional class and high minimum investment mutual funds.

New options are always considered including multi-currency deposit facilities and personal trusts and we also investigate diverse platforms such as middle market buyouts, growth buyouts, and turnaround opportunities in North America, Asia and Europe. Options include both growth and income-oriented portfolios and these are assessed across the risk and return spectrum and range from country-specific to regional solutions.


By including larger cap and blue chip stocks and accessing stocks with a smaller capitalization we can maintain portfolio diversity. Our coverage of small cap stocks often allows our clients the opportunity to take advantage of usually higher returns as institutional investors are mainly monitoring the bigger stocks. When considering long term markets and investment options we integrate financial cycles of low percentages and higher yields which balances risk and ensures the probability of higher sustainable returns.

By focusing on fundamental investment principles, we can avoid capital loss and increase investment returns.

Your financial infrastructure

Personal relationships

Direct contact with your financial manager provides a better environment for a better partnership.

Administration access

Easy access to information about your portfolio and accounts, including transaction details.

Ongoing monitoring

Continual tracking, monitoring and assessing of portfolios and profiles, with risk-adjusted performance policies.