OCT 07, 2017

Bring Catalonia Back From the Brink

In his battle with Madrid, Catalan President Carles Puigdemont is squarely in the wrong. Declaring independence from Spain, which he and the region's other leaders are threatening to do, would be an act of utter recklessness, not to mention against the law.

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SEP 30, 2017

Trump's Trade-Bashing Hurts the U.S.

Until now, the defining feature of the Trump administration's trade policy has been a worrisome yet vague recklessness. The U.S. Commerce Department's new ruling on Boeing's dispute with Bombardier, a Canadian aircraft maker, shows the harm that comes when the administration gets specific.

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SEP 23, 2017

Portugal's Comeback Is Only a Start

If there’s a symbol of the breadth of the euro zone’s recovery, it’s Portugal. In 2011, it had to accept an international bailout on punishing terms. Today, three years after graduating from that program, growth and confidence have returned. As if to mark the achievement, S&P Global Ratings just raised Portugal’s sovereign rating to investment grade.

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SEP 16, 2017

How China Should Go Electric

With China’s decision to phase out gas- and diesel-fueled vehicles, the end is nearer for the internal combustion engine. For their nation to reap the full benefits of this revolution, Chinese leaders will need to continue to be bold.

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SEP 11, 2017

What the World Can Learn From India's Cash Experiment

Almost a year on, India's ban on large-denomination bills has been deemed a "total failure." That's not quite fair. True, the primary goal of flushing out tax cheats has been a flop. But a secondary goal -- "to move toward the cashless society," as India's finance minister put it -- still has real promise. The rest of the world, in fact, could learn a lot from this botched experiment.

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