NOV 11, 2017

Insuring Against the Risk From Insurance

Compared with the banks, insurance companies withstood the calamity of 2008 pretty well. American International Group Inc. was the main exception -- it needed an enormous bailout -- but the rest of the industry was spared the worst. Does this mean that insurance companies pose no great challenge for financial regulators?

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NOV 06, 2017

Asia Can Make TPP Work Without the U.S.

Donald Trump's grand tour of Asia will attract a lot of attention this week, but in one respect the fuss will be misleading. The president will be no more than a bystander when the region's leaders make a very big decision -- whether to go ahead with the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a deal that the U.S. designed and subsequently abandoned.

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OCT 21, 2017

Europe’s Backward Step on Banking Union

As part of its plan to complete the euro zone's so-called banking union, the European Commission has presented a new proposal for collectively insuring bank deposits. Such a scheme is badly needed -- but the new idea falls short. By leaving too much risk with national governments, it fails to address a critical weakness of the system.

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